ElectraSyn Flow

ElectraSyn flow basic is a system for continuous flow electrosynthesis.

The heart of this system is the electrosynthesis flow cell – in short, the flow cell – ElectraSyn flow. It consists of two half cells, each equipped with an electrode. By combining similar and dissimilar half cells / electrodes, ElectraSyn flow provides maximum flexibility for research in the field of electrosynthesis. It also enables the laboratory scale production of a variety of products using electrosynthesis.

  • Complete system
  • Nine combinable half cells
  • Product recirculation capability
  • Cell splitting by means of proton / cation exchange membrane
  • Continuously variable electrosynthesis current
  • Compact modular system, ideal for R&D

The system is easily scalable. It allows the determination of required process parameters for electrosynthesis systems on a production scale.

Technické parametry
Plynule nastavitelný zdroj
Napětí0 až 35 V (±6 mV)
Proud0 až 1 A (±50 uA)
Napájení230 V / 50 Hz
Peristaltické čerpadlo
Průtok trubicí0,01 až 0,61 ml/min
Celkový průtok0,02 až 1,22 ml/min
Vnitřní průměr trubic0,25 mm
Napájení230 V / 50 Hz

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