Kónický mlýn MKO

The IKA MKO 2000 is a high-performance inline cone mill capable of performing wet and fine milling of tough and grainy or crystalline raw materials. The MKO 2000 is especially suitable for the de-agglomeration of suspensions. Excellent dispersing performance allows the IKA Cone Mill MKO 2000 to be used for continuous processes, providing a narrow distribution range of ground particles in a single pass. For challenging milling tasks the cone mill can be installed into a recirculation loop with a working vessel by means of tube connections.

The cone mill MKO 2000 differs from the colloid mill MK 2000 offered by IKA due to its special milling tool. The first stage is identical with that of the colloid mill, geared towards and serves for feeding and pre-milling of the product. Instead of gear cutting tools, the other conical rotor/stator parts are coated with an extremely hard coating that has a very rough surface texture. The coatings consist of high quality materials such as carbides and ceramics. Alternatively, IKA also provides solid tools comprised of zirconium ceramic. The milling tool produces an intense shear zone that can process materials with medium or high viscosities. It generally causes an even narrower distribution and finer particle size than a colloid mill. The wet milling combined with a solid content provides good results even with low viscosity masses.

The conical geometry of the milling tool enables an axial displacement of the stator for an infinite adjustment of the milling gap. In addition to the rotating speed, the energy input and thus the dispersion effect can also be affected by adjusting the gap between rotor and stator. For applications with a fixed grinding gap and high demands for reproducibility, the infinite adjustment of the milling gap can be replaced by a system with fixed spacers

The combination of small grinding gaps with the friction between the tools and product allows for an excellent grinding effect. Unlike other corundum mills where tool-wear leads to permanent contamination, the rotor/stator tools of the MKO are not in contact with each other. Special versions are designed in a manner which precludes any metal contamination, even with abrasive products. These collective features make the IKA cone mill a unique device for wet milling and the de-agglomeration of suspensions.

The IKA Cone Mill MKO 2000 is available in seven different sizes, with varied possible throughput from 25 to 6.000 l/h referring to water. All machine sizes do work with the same circumferential rotor speed, which ensures reliable scale-up.

Technické parametry
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