magic PLANT

The IKA magic PLANT is a laboratory scale process plant for batch wise mixing and emulsifying of low viscous masses up to masses just about capable of flowing. The magic PLANT can be used for a great variety of applications. It is especially suited for processing of products from the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The magic PLANT is characterized by the following procedural advantages:

  • high processable product viscosities
  • processing of very small quantities
  • better heat transfer from the heating/cooling medium to the product
  • adjustable intensity of the mixing/dispersing effect
  • to be used as batch-, inline- or powder processing plant

The main advantages of the magic PLANT are its modular design, the integration of several functions with the magic LAB® or the ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T25 and the standardizing of components. It can be delivered in the following three configurations:

magic PLANT - basic
The magic PLANT basic can be used for a wide range of products to be mixed.
The single components of the product are brought together in the mixing vessel where they are mixed with each other. Depending on quantity and requirements of the process the different components are added to the mixing process via the opened cover or via a dosing socket in the cover. Due to the conical bottom of the vessel it is possible to treat even smallest quantities.

The double jacket of the vessel can be heated for a very effective heating of the mixing product.

The centrally arranged stirrer is the only mixing tool in the vessel. Wipers are used depending on the type of stirrer.

Emptying of the vessel is done via the bottom outlet valve. Nevertheless, the vessel can also be tilted or completely removed.

magic PLANT - inline
The magic PLANT inline is equipped with an effective and versatile dispersing machine type IKA® magic LAB® with a single or three stage rotor/stator system, flanged to the bottom of the vessel. It is specially adapted to the requirements of batch plants. An effective dispersing/homogenizing is realized by recirculation over the external circulation loop. 

These are the most important functions of this machine:

  • Creation of turbulences in the lower part of the mixing vessel to avoid sedimentation of the mixing product and the possibility of treating very small quantities
  • Recirculation of the product with shearing, i.e. pumping with the dispersing stage
  • Recirculation of the product with high shear, i.e. pumping with the dispersing stage at increased speed

magic PLANT - powder
The magic PLANT powder serves for efficient but gentle mixing and drying of all free flowing solids, including products with different bulk densities and particle sizes.
Mixing is done by means of a special spiral agitator, intensively mixing the product in radial and tangential directions.

The possibility to incline the position of the vessel cares for optimum drying of various humid solids of different free flowing behaviour as well as different bulk densities at uniform humidity and temperature distribution in the whole product area.


Technické parametry
TypMax. přípustná teplota (°C)Max. provozní tlak (bar) Rozsah otáček (ot/min)Využitelný objem (l)
magic PLANT basic1502,50-20002
magic PLANT inline1502,50-20002
magic PLANT powder1502,50-20002