The CONIKA conical sieve mill is the ideal solution for breaking up agglomerates and for grinding the solid material for your process.

Powders and granules can form agglomerates during storage. This can make further processing of the materials difficult or even impossible and can negatively affect the quality of the final product.

The core of the CONIKA consists of a conical sieve and an internal rotor, that reliably shears the dry powder or moist powder and granules through the sieve. It mills different raw materials in a wide variety of grain sizes.

Technické parametry
Typ Vstupní mlecí komora (inch) Propustnost (kg/h) Výkon motoru (kW) Otáčky motoru (ot/min) Napájecí napětí (V) Technický list (EN)
CONICA 6 6 500-1500 4 2000 230/400 picPDF
CONICA 8 8 1000-2300 4 2000 230/400 picPDF
CONICA 10 10 2000-4000 5,5 1500 230/400 picPDF

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