The TURBOTRON® agitators are classic economic machines designed to handle a variety of different stirring tasks. The TURBOTRON® agitators are most commonly used for: acceleration of dissolving processes, temperature transfer within a medium, or simple mixing of powders with a liquid phase.

TURBOTRON® agitators are used in combination with a variety of drives, seal systems and tools to accommodate a broad spectrum of tasks and operating conditions. While manufacturing custom agitators, IKA engineers determine the optimum dimensions, installation positions and customer-specific requirements. IKA produces agitators to work in a variety of situations: in open or closed vessels, with volumes from 100 to 20.000 litres, and with products having diverse characteristics and viscosities.

The RK and RKG series are designed to be used with either open or closed pressure-less vessels. The agitators with shafts are mounted directly on the drive motor (RK) or the geared motor (RKG).

The agitator shaft is supported by an additional bearing in the flange. PTFE graphite material is used to seal the bearing, which provides excellent running properties and maximum resistance.

The RF and RFG models are designed for use with closed and pressure vessels (standard 2,5 bar) and are equipped with a massive lantern; optionally also for full vacuum and/or pressures up to 10 bar. The agitator shaft is mounted separately and can be equipped with a shaft coupling. Two seals are available for these models: special radial shaft sealing rings made from a PTFE compound or a double-acting mechanical seal.

TURBOTRON® machines can be equipped with a high-speed propeller, axial turbine, stirring disk, toothed disk, beaker stirrer, slow-running anchor, skew blade or spiral stirrer with a high torque.

All agitators can be operated at temperatures from -10°C to 120°C. Parts on the IKA TURBOTRON that come in contact with the product are made from high-quality stainless steel. Agitator shafts and tools are dynamically balanced.

The agitators for open vessels are available with floor, wall or mobile stands.

The description of a TURBOTRON® machine contains the following information:

  • Type of machine
  • Size
  • Stirring tool
  • Installation length

Example: The RK-01-P-1000 is a TURBOTRON® RK-01 with propeller (installation length of 1000 mm)  

Technické parametry
TypVýkon motoru (kW)Otáčky motoru (ot/min) Max. velikost vsádky - H2O (l)Zástavná délka (mm)Technický list (EN)
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-000,371000500800picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-010,55150010001000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-020,75100015001000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-031,1100020001250picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-041,575025001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-052,275030001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-063100035001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RK-074100040001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-000,5525010001250picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-010,7525015001250picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-021,525030001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-032,225040001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-04325050001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-05425060002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-065,525080002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RKG-077,5250120002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-000,55150010001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-010,75100020001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-021,575030001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-032,2100040001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-043100050001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-05475060001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-065,575080002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RF-077,5750120002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-000,5525010001000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-010,7525015001100picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-021,525030001250picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-03325060001500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-04425080001750picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-055,5250120002000picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-067,5250150002500picPDF
IKA-TURBOTRON RFG-079,2250200002500picPDF